Teeth Whitening Solutions

Bright, white smiles in Clifton, NJ!

If you want to achieve a brighter, whiter smile, teeth whitening may have come to mind. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best method for your smile.

The best way to begin any teeth-whitening regimen is to schedule an appointment and talk to Dr. Tuckman or Dr. Kayne about the differences between in-office professional whitening and over-the-counter (store-bought) whitening. Our Clifton, NJ dentists have been whitening patients’ smiles for more than 20 years, making them extremely experienced and knowledgeable about all teeth-whitening options. The professional whitening services available at Clifton Dental Associates are all customized to help you achieve the most beautiful, natural-looking smile possible.

Professional Teeth Whitening

We offer two types of teeth whitening at our Clifton dental office:

  • Philips Zoom! Light-Activated Gel

The first professional option is referred to as in-office whitening, and is done with Philips Zoom! This procedure is performed right here in our Clifton dental office, and is extremely safe and comfortable. During an appointment, a member of our dental team will apply the Zoom Chairside Light-Activated Gel to the surface of your teeth. The all-new Whitening LED Accelerator greatly increases and enhances the whitening process and delivers dramatic results you will love. With Philips Zoom in-office whitening, your teeth can become up to eight shades lighter in just 45 minutes!

  • Tray Whitening

Tray whitening is a type of professional at-home whitening that uses custom-made trays and whitening gel available only through your Clifton dentist. The whitening gel is placed in custom-fitted trays that fit perfectly over your teeth. As the peroxide in the gel breaks down, hydroxyradicals help whiten stained teeth. This process whitens all your natural teeth and may contain ingredients intended to provide maximum comfort. At-home professional tray whitening generally takes ten to 14 days, although you may notice results in as little as three to five days. We include take home trays at no additional cost when in office whitening is done.

To learn more about professional teeth whitening at Clifton Dental Associates, please feel free to schedule an appointment with Drs. Tuckman or Kayne at our Clifton, NJ dental office.

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