If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Clifton Dental Associates is the BEST DENTAL OFFICE in the state, at least for me. I have been going to them, when they took over the office, when Dr. Kesser passed away and Dr. Tuckman was assigned to me as my dentist. What can I say about Clifton Dental Associates? Well, I have A LOT of GOOD things to say!!!

“The RECEPTIONISTS are POLITE, WONDERFUL, CARING, SMART, CLASSY, and more. The receptionist that I mostly deal with is Lara, she is ALL of the above and more. Her PROFESSIONALISM is great and her PERSONALITY with me is GREAT. I feel all of this as soon as I walk into the office!!!

“The HYGIENISTS are POLITE, WONDERFUL, CARING, SMART, CLASSY, and GENTLE. My hygienist is Linda and she is all of the above and more!!! Her CARING WORDS and the way that she does my cleaning is in my book PROFESSIONAL all the way. I feel all of this as soon as I sit in her chair!!!

“The DENTISTS are POLITE, WONDERFUL, CARING, SMART, CLASSY, and GENTLE. My dentist is Dr. Tuckman and he is all of the above and more. He is also very COURTEOUS, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and PROFESSIONAL.

“The office and their rooms are VERY CLEAN and very well maintained, and they are organized and I am always very pleased when I walk into the office during my appointment and after I leave, and for me that is a BIG PLUS!!

“If I ever move away from New Jersey, I DEFINITELY will travel to New Jersey for my dentist appointments. I am ever so GRATEFUL and LUCKY that I go to Clifton Dental Associates!!!”

— Marianne H., New Jersey

“I cannot believe I waited so long to have my once-beautiful smile restored. Dr. Tuckman was more thorough than I ever realized was necessary. He carefully explained and executed every step along the way. I could not believe the difference even the temporaries made. Then, a few weeks later, the final product was put on. Dr. Tuckman worked tirelessly to get them perfect and as comfortable as my natural teeth. I cannot say enough about him and Zelda, his right-hand gal, and they synchronized the total efforts and steps. The best part is that I cannot stop smiling! What a treat!”

— Joellen G., Florida


“My experience as a long-time patient of Clifton Dental Associates has been one of efficient, gentle, and professional dentistry. The doctors and hygienists are professional. The receptionists are courteous and always helpful. I know that I am in good hands when I have an appointment at Clifton Dental Associates.”

— Madeline B.A., Southern New Jersey

“I am so pleased with the way my teeth looked after I got porcelain veneers at Clifton Dental Associates. Not only do they look great, but they feel just like my own teeth.”

— Rob C., New Jersey

One of the best dentists in New Jersey!

“I’ve been going to Drs. Kayne and Tuckman for years, and they are flat-out the best dentists I have ever been to. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes. The office staff is incredibly helpful, and the hygenists are friendly and perform their jobs with almost no pain. Like many dentists, they only accept Delta Dental, but they have always courtesy-filed my claims. Even then, they only charged about $300 for a cleaning, exam, and X-rays. That’s pretty cheap, considering the level of service.

PROS: Friendly, helpful, incredible practice!
CONS: None

—Scott S., Union, New Jersey

“The dentists and dental hygienists at Clifton Dental Associates are always very friendly and helpful. Dr. Tuckman is always able to answer all my questions and takes my dislike of dental office visits seriously.”

— Dana K., Trenton, New Jersey

“When visiting Clifton Dental Associates it is like visiting with family and you always feel better on the way home.”

— Tom G., Dumont, New Jersey

“Thank you, Dr. Kayne! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of your precision, technical genius, knowledge, caring, patience, and kindness, I can finally smile! Thank you for being a one-in-a-million phenomenal dentist, a master, and a caring human being. And thank you to a wonderful and warm staff that makes every visit a pleasant and calming one.”

— Jamie M., Little Falls, New Jersey

“Dr. Tuckman and the entire staff at Clifton Dental Associates treat their clients like family. I love the work Dr. Tuckman has done for me. Thanks to Clifton Dental, smiling is a pleasure once more.”

— Dana N., Bloomfield, New Jersey

“I have been going to Dr. Kayne since I was young. I will never go anywhere else! Dr. Kayne and his staff always make me feel welcome; just like family. The service you get at Clifton Dental is top-notch. I would recommend Dr. Kayne to everyone!”

— Michele K., Wallington, New Jersey

Best in Northern New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I have been a patient for years. Over those years, I have received nothing but extremely caring, absolutely pain-free, thoughtful, professional treatment and service. The staff is well-trained, accommodating, and will do just about anything to be helpful. The hygienists (I have seen both over the years) have been there a long time, are highly professional, are extremely experienced, have a light touch. This is the office you want if you want to keep your teeth for the long haul. They design a program for you, and if you follow it by being routine with continuing maintenance, because they are so careful and deliberate with diagnosis, chances are you will have less problems.

“I see Dr. Tuckman. He is kind, caring, and I am living proof his dentistry is wonderful. He has done bondings and crowns for me that no one (but him) knows are there. He will take as long as he needs to get it done correctly, and it always feels great when I leave. I am always comfortable with him. He stands on his head for me! I hear the other dentist, Dr. Kayne is excellent too. Caring, trustworthy, family and people-oriented.

“One last thing. Years ago, I checked. They are both University of Pennsylvania Dental School graduates. They both have over 20 years of experience. Both make a difference. Trust me.”

— nyr2008

“Been with Dr. Kayne since his beginning practice and prior with his Dad, Edward Kayne, DDS — total of over 50 years. He has completely filled my family’s dental needs.... Caring, compassionate, and always available in times of emergencies, and most important an excellent dentist.”

— Rose C., Paterson, New Jersey

Clifton Dental Associates is the BEST IN JERSEY!!!

“There is no other office to go to in northern New Jersey!! While sitting in the waiting room for my last appointment, I met a patient from Cape May, one from Pennsylvania, and a husband and wife from North Carolina!! Oh, Jersey people go there, too, but the point is that people travel from everywhere because they are THAT GOOD! In my years in the office, I have overheard patients talk of their 20, 30, 40 or more year relationship with the office. That speaks volumes of the care, quality and service to me.

“Every member of the staff that I have met is well trained and caring. The hygienists are BOTH nice, they each have a ton of experience, and take a FULL 60 minutes to check your gums, scale and polish your teeth, oral cancer check, etc. There is never a rush to finish, always an interest in impeccably caring for me.

“I see Dr. Tuckman. He is kind, considerate, always concerned that what he does for me is perfect and I am always comfortable. His work is beautiful. Most people have no idea I have had so much work on my back teeth!!

“The fees are what you would expect. Top of the line work doesn’t come cheap ... but they are fair. I have never had anything done for me break, hurt, or give me any problems.”

— Mark S., Passaic, New Jersey

“I’m in good hands at the dentist’s office. Dr. Kayne, I feel, is the first dentist that feels and relates with his patients. He knows what it’s like when you’re sitting in the chair.”

— Diane U., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

“Dr. Kayne and his staff are a credit to the dental profession. I have never been more at ease with a dentist as I have been over the past few years. Dr. Kayne is a kind, caring, empathetic man. He has gained my trust which I had lost due to a dentist that took advantage of my wallet rather than my teeth. If it wasn’t for Dr. Kayne, I would have no teeth left but most of all he has given me faith in the medical profession again."

— Candice C., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

“Dear Dr. Tuckman and staff,

“My sincere thanks go to you, your wonderful staff, and excellent lab. From A to Z you are absolutely the best dentist I have ever met. Your staff and office cleanliness are all a reflection of ... well, not only a nice boss but a nice person. That’s the part that counts the most, in my book!!”

— Beverly S., Clifton, New Jersey

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